Architectural BIM Modeling

Architectural BIM Modeling

Understanding BIM Modeling — Building Information Modeling or BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based innovation that has transformed the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. The technology efficiently plans, design, construct and building management — leading the world to new age infrastructure. BIM is a collaborative platform and represents your ideas into reality while helping you visualize the final product before the advent of the project construction. 

BIM documents the design and construction process. BIM models analyze, explore and create visuals that help us to see the smallest to the most extensive details with precision. It combines project planning details and real-world data, generating context models that bridge the gap between cognitive thinking and science. BIM is an essential tool at present! BIM mandates are increasing globally. The technology allows efficient working models, and the captured data provides an advantage in operations and maintenance activities post-construction. The efficacy that BIM as an innovation provides, the collaborative platform is an environmentally friendly way to function as well as it can perform stimulation on a project ensuring the long-term sustainability of the design.   

(Company line) The New Movement 

With our in-house BIM infrastructure and trained professionals, A2Z will help you make better design decisions. Leaving no stones unturned, our team creates BIM models, transforming sketches, CAD drawings and documentation, detecting clashes and creating reliable content. We work closely with our customers through the design process from creating schematic designs, design development to construction documentation.   

A2Z offers the following benefits under the Architecture BIM modelling service:

  • Architecture 3D modelling in Revit
  • Converting CAD drafted and construction drawings to BIM or Revit models
  • Parametric and non-parametric design services using Revit and other software in extension 
  • Site Rendering and modelling services
  • Scheduling, phasing and cost estimation services with Architectural and Interior Modeling


As we witness the onslaught of technological innovation changing consumer needs, the architectural, engineering, and construction companies must rise to the current challenges. The first step towards standing out in the competition is to come out of the traditional ways to operate and function. At A2Z Architects, we offer you the services worked out with advanced technology at a price that suits your project the best with a struggle-free experience.