Scan to BIM services

While working in the construction industry, you may have come across the term “Scan to BIM”. Scan to BIM process involves a laser scanner that captures accurate 3D scan of real-world parameters applicable or relevant to the project. The scanned physical space or site data when imported into accurate as-built 3D models inform the design concerning the real-world characteristics. The representation then helps to design, analyzing progress and evaluates options related to the project. 


A2Z Architects provide accurate parametric and as-built 3D models derived from the point cloud data. The models depict mechanical, structural, landscaping details etc. along with clash detection for projects that entail renovation, refurbishment and retrofitting. Our Scan to BIM modelling team has vast experience in creating close to real 3D BIM models which are precise in the information. The models help in validating designs, planning and juxtaposition of variables along with interference checks, demolition of MEP or construction elements and comprehensive documentation with budget estimation. 


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Our team at A2Z Architects provides scan to BIM or Point Cloud Modelling Services to various stakeholders such as Surveyors, Developers, Laser Scanning companies, Architectural and Interior Designing firms, Contractors and mighty Construction management companies etc. The modelling includes all verticals of a construction process ranging from architectural (exterior and interior finishes), products (doors, cabinets etc), MEPFS (mechanical, electrical plumbing and Fire fighting) as well as a Revit MEP design coordination that detects clashes through Autodesk Navisworks software.  


A2Z BIM modellers and CAD drafters create accurate conversions, transforming point cloud data into 3D BIM Model with appropriate Level of Development (LOD), further changing it to 2D as-built drawings with precision. As your architectural partner, our team at A2Z Architects provides project-to-completion services in various industries, including residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, corporate spaces, retail, and multi-family, etc. Our commitment entails delivering premium craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. Precisely, a foundation that ensures successful project execution! 


With our Scan to BIM services, we believe in a system-driven process to project management that ensures a thorough, disciplined approach to staying-on budgets and on-time. We offer products and services that exceed industry standards: our project management teams and professionals who streamline work collaboratively and creatively to exceed expectations. 


With our mission to provide a quick and clean job site, we consider providing a technological work environment to the local entrepreneurs, people in business, and contractors. It is our national duty to work closely with the industry, accommodate our society’s needs, and create a new experience for our professionals in the USA and globally. As a stakeholder in the industry, it’s time to make the shift away from the discrepancies sooner than later. Contact us now to set up your Scan to BIM resources!