Tile & Stone Shop Drawings

First things first, it’s important to know what are Shop Drawings!

An AutoCAD shop drawing consists of detailed plans, elevations, sections, and details prepared for architects to review and execute. Shop Drawings are suitable for architectural construction drawings combined with field verified dimensions and conditions. We provide tile and stone shop drawings services to the manufacturers and installers that describe the joinery system and details of the product.

Shop drawings play a vital role in the flooring industry, such as stone, tiling, terrazzo industry, etc. The drawings showcase the contractor’s interpretation of the construction document and scope of work. Quality shop drawings and submittals consist of all requirements of design parameters used by project managers like fabrication, tile and stone installation, material ordering, and take-offs.

Professional CAD Shop Drawings for the Stone, Tiling, and Terrazzo Industry:

  • Floor & Wall Tiling shop drawing
  • Kitchen Counter Tops shop drawing
  • Back Splash drawing

The New Movement

It is important to know what tiles and stone shop drawings include and the necessary details drawn in AutoCAD. The shop drawings provided by us will be your ideas generated in the form of construction drawings and detailed architectural plans set for your architectural approvals.

Therefore, your typical set of shop drawings provided by us will contain the following details:

  1. Cover sheet: It generates miscellaneous information about the overall project details such as — job and company information, potential revision blocks, and an area for architect/contractor approval stamps and comments.
  2. Floor plans/ (Existing)Site Plans: The floor plans drawn to a scale of …………..(mention scale) show locations of the potential workable areas on the shop drawings and other indicative details. 
  3. Exploded/enlarged floor plans: The plans drawn to scale at ………………(mention scale). Typical floor plans include all flooring details, dimensions, sectional elevations & details with sheet numbers, flooring specifications.
  4. Typical Elevations: The elevations drawn to scale at ……………(mention scale). It includes all basic detailing, including wall tiles type and size, essential dimensions, detailed clouds with sheet numbers, material type & grout specifications.
  5. Detailing: The details drawn at ………………scale. The drawings include dimension, perimeter construction, and notes (tile & stone numbers, etc.).
  6. Furniture detailing, Counter Tops & Reception Desks: The plans & elevations details drawn to scale at ……………..(scale and sheet size). The drawings include all joint locations, sinks locations and dimension, detail clouds with sheet numbers, stone or material specifications.


We provide you shop drawings and submittals as per your company standards, iterations, and concepts. Following are the essential requirements, for us to deliver you the most accurate set of drawings,

  1. A full set of architectural drawings.
  2. Scope of the worksheet.
  3. Any of your similar past work references.
  4. .ctb file
  5. and Template


CAD or architectural outsourcing in America is a widespread management practice today, and the cost reduction factor generally spurs it. Therefore, A2Z Architects is your go-to inshore partner in the USA, providing you with complete integrated services that are cost-effective and add value by improving quality of your tile and stone shop drawings and submittals as well as ensuring safety and efficiency.